Connecting Drivers and Passengers

TripShare: Connecting Drivers and Passengers
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TripShare is an online service which connects drivers and passengers. Registering on TripShare is free and allows you to search car trips, boat trips and plane trips and contact the lister to organise your travel plans.

Use TripShare's Search functions to sort trips by travel date, start and end locations and, when you've travelled, you can leave feedback about the trip. Read other people's feedback so you can choose to ride with others who have built up a good reputation.

Drivers may request that passengers pay a portion of the petrol money. TripShare recommends that drivers and passengers work out all financial arrangements with each other before the trip starts.

Searching TripShare and contacting people about their listings is always FREE. You just need to register to get a free TripShare account.

While we are in beta and testing the site, posting a listing is FREE! (Eventually it will cost 50 cents to post a listing, but only if that listing results in a successful agreement to travel with another TripShare memeber. If no one makes an Agreement to Travel with you, your account will not be debited. But, again, while we are in beta, it's all free.) Get on board with us early and add your free listing now!

Go try it out!


TripShare's blog is at: http://tripshare.livejournal.com

TripShare's tripsharing LJ community is here at: http://community.livejournal.com/tripsharing/
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