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Portraits of West Java Heritage [Mar. 6th, 2011|08:01 am]
TripShare: Connecting Drivers and Passengers

[Current Location |Indonesia]

Anybody had visited to West Java, Indonesia? Let's learn a bit their cultures and traditions. You can also learn more at Bandung tourism

Tradition and Culture

Wayang GolekPrincipally an oral tradition, the people of West Java developed more than 180 forms of artistic expression within 19 clusters, the oldest of these is supposed to be poetry. Traditional epic poems tell of the history and heroes of the people from time immemorial through the Galuh and Pajajaran kingdoms, and continue today. Haji Hasan Mustapa (1852 - 1930) is a giant in the tradition having produced some 10,000 works.

Today the languages of West Java bear an imprint of the oral tradition and remain popular for daily use. They are complex languages attesting to social roles and caste. Puppet plays were often used to transmit both legend and current events and continue to play a role in ceremonial and festive events. West Java is rich also in batik traditions from Tasikmalaya, Garut, Indramayu, and Cirebon.

Traditions handed down the generations mixed with beliefs (nature based and animistic) and religions (Hindu and Islam) formed the culture of the people. Marriages are the joining of families, and socially, most relationships are family-based. Still today a commercial company will refer to itself as a "big family" and seek quasi-familial relationships in day-to-day operations.

Nature and Plantation

With all its active volcanoes, West Java life has always been influenced by the forces of nature, bringing both momentary catastrophe and enduring fertility to the soil. Coastal peoples depend on the richness of the seas and the rhythms of nature form the core identity and very prosperity of West Java.

Colonial power organized the inherent riches with formal cultivation and institutions, providing great wealth for Europe. Plantations crops include tea, coffee, quinine, rubber, copra, sugar, cocoa, and coconut.

Village and City

Traditionally, geography and land use precluded large concentrations of people in the mountainous areas of West Java, but ports on the coasts bustled with trade and business. Villages remain today the most numerous settlements, but cities have burgeoned with population and economic shifts.

Village structures are made with materials at hand: bamboo, rattan, wood, grass, and rock and bonded together through the centuries as stylized and elegant constructions, and organization. Surrounding these villages are the rice paddies and vegetable farms that dictate the local economy.

Cities developed with industrialization and the western imprint is clear. West Java's strategic location and comparatively more comfortable climate made it a target of leisure and academic activities under colonial rule. The capitol, Bandung, was planned to become the capitol of the colony, and bears witness to its 1930's heyday in elegant streetscapes and outstanding architecture.
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Communities with promotional codes and cheap tickets information [Jul. 28th, 2010|04:43 pm]
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(no subject) [Dec. 18th, 2009|12:25 am]
TripShare: Connecting Drivers and Passengers
Hi tripsharers! I'm heading to New York via amtrak this early january, from chicago, and am needing a way to get to Chicago. I'm a college freshman and looking for adventure (but the prospect of hitch hiking in the middle of winter is rather daunting).   If you're traveling to/through Chicago on January 3rd or 4th from Minneaopolis/St.Paul, and have room for two, I'd love to ride with you. (We'd pitch in for gas and car snacks) I'm traveling with my close friend Collin Sandoe. This is us, below.    If you can help us out in any way, we'd really appreciate it! Thank you, Anne Meyers-Welsch
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inaug week? [Nov. 27th, 2008|12:06 am]
TripShare: Connecting Drivers and Passengers

I am looking to be in DC Jan 15-21. I live in Milford, DE. Anyone going that way? I'd be willing to meet you in Wilmington or something if need be. I'd share gas.
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tripshare around Xmas- Delaware to Iowa Dec 24 to Jan 2 [Nov. 27th, 2008|12:00 am]
TripShare: Connecting Drivers and Passengers

Hi there-

Hubby and I are possibly going to drive to his family's home for Xmas. I'm not a great highway driver, and we live in Milford DE (south of Dover). We would be going to Waverly, IA. (near Waterloo and Cedar Rapids). We would probably leave the 24th, come back 2nd or 3rd.

Assistance with the driving along the route and possible gas share would be great. We are nonsmokers who like silly music and are relatively quiet.

I've had a possible nibble for the way OUT there through the couchsurfing website. Not sure it that will work out, that will be 2 people in the car and we have a Ford Taurus. Not huge on cargo space.

Anyone? and if you can take PART of it, (like riding Philly to Chicago or DC to Dubuque) if it's a large part, that could potentially work.

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California Tripping [May. 14th, 2007|09:19 am]
TripShare: Connecting Drivers and Passengers
A bunch of starry-eyed kids and a rental van full of psychedelics and liquor. We're going straight from Florida to California.

Anyone is welcome to come, provided they pitch in some gas money or whatever they can. It's a give whatcha can/take whatcha need trip.

The van should be leaving Florida in approx. one month. We have no set travel plan except "West", so if you're between us and them and want to tag along just let me know =). I explain the trip and who's going in more detail in my journal.
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Testing, testing, testing. [May. 9th, 2007|02:10 am]
TripShare: Connecting Drivers and Passengers

TripShare is an online service which connects drivers and passengers. Registering on TripShare is free and allows you to search car trips, boat trips and plane trips and contact the lister to organise your travel plans.

Use TripShare's Search functions to sort trips by travel date, start and end locations and, when you've travelled, you can leave feedback about the trip. Read other people's feedback so you can choose to ride with others who have built up a good reputation.

Drivers may request that passengers pay a portion of the petrol money. TripShare recommends that drivers and passengers work out all financial arrangements with each other before the trip starts.

Searching TripShare and contacting people about their listings is always FREE. You just need to register to get a free TripShare account.

While we are in beta and testing the site, posting a listing is FREE! (Eventually it will cost 50 cents to post a listing, but only if that listing results in a successful agreement to travel with another TripShare memeber. If no one makes an Agreement to Travel with you, your account will not be debited. But, again, while we are in beta, it's all free.) Get on board with us early and add your free listing now!

Go try it out!
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